Frequently Asked Questions

How can such a small sample reliably represent the views of the entire population of a city/district/state?

Market Research is an old science, sample sizes are calculated using a statistically tested method which is accepted the world over basis a perfectly random sample. In fact, the American Presidential satisfaction survey is done on a total of 1000 respondents only.

Here are some sample sizes for a population of 1 crore depending on the confidence level and margin of error desired.

  • 95% Confidence with a 5% margin of error – 384
  • 95% Confidence with a 3% margin of error – 1067
  • 99% Confidence with a 5% margin of error – 666
  • 99% Confidence with a 3% margin of error – 1849

Even if the population grows 10 fold, i.e to 10 crore, these numbers will not change. If you would like to read more about this. Here is a paper from Colmbia University New York: You can even try this yourself by using the calculator here:

What is the maximum number of respondents that I can poll with Prashnam?

We currently offer three levels, 1000, 2000 & 3000 samples. The first two broadly correspond with 95/3 and 99/3 levels of confidence described above and the third is given in case you would like to assess with a larger sample

How large is the pool of people that you call to deliver these results?

We have in our database crores of people across 10 states (with more states coming soon).

How did you gather this large a database?

We sequentially dialled numbers and got people to opt-in to be part of the study.

As a rule, we do not call people who are part of the NDNC registry.

How can I integrate Prashnam into my decision making?

Prashnam brings the promise of fast and cheap insights, enabling you to poll frequently and cheaply at scale to enable data driven decision making. If you have any custom requirements please drop us a line at and we can make it happen for you.

How is Prashnam priced?

Prashnam pricing is available while you set up a survey. You can purchase credits using your bank account or credit card. Typically, we charge 3 credits per response for one question and 5 credits per response for 2 questions. The pricing per credit varies from time to time. You can see the latest price when you recharge the wallet inside Prashnam.

I need support to get started?

Please watch this video It will outline the process and help you get started. If you still need help, please write in to us at

I am not confident of my voice. Can you help me with the recording?

This is an additional service that is charged for separately. Please contact us at and we help you get your question recorded. We can support you with recordings in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali.

What is the moderation process?

All questions submitted for a survey are put through a moderation process. We listen to all questions submitted on our system. We may refuse to run a survey for several reasons, not limited to inappropriate language, incomprehensible wording or for any reason we feel that the question may not yield you results.

In the event we choose to reject a question, we will refund your credits.

Why do you moderate all surveys?

The moderation process is to protect

  • You - from accidentally running a wrong survey.
  • Us – from accidentally transmitting an inappropriate question
  • Respondents – from receiving potentially inappropriate questions

If we find something wrong in the survey, we will call you, clarify and then approve the survey for execution. We can even replace the audio recording (in consultation with you) if required.

If you still have questions on the moderation process, do write in to us at

I made a mistake in setting up the survey, What do I do?

Every survey goes through a moderation process. If the survey has not yet been moderated, you can cancel it from within Prashnam. Just go the campaigns screen and stop it. If it has entered the moderation process, then there is nothing we can do, as the process is fully automated.

Rest assured though, we hear every question (for your protection and ours) and do a sanity check before letting the survey proceed.

How can I get a refund?

Surveys once approved and/or completed are not eligible for a refund. Please read our refund policy for more information.

Unused credits are eligible for a refund. You may contact us at for details on how to get this done.